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Jason Maskell
Feb 12, 2018

I am Jason Maskell, founder and owner of adultXfunding.com the crowdfunding platform for the global adult entertainment industry, if you are looking to launch a business in this sector, I am here to help make your dreams a reality. 

Is your business idea all ready in the market or do you have something that is totally new, do you have the contacts to get in produced, how to market it and then how to sell it. These are many questions I get from people when discussing their business ideas.

With over 20 years experiance within the global adult industry and with contacts within very sector of the industry, I launched adultXfunding to help people like you and to allow investors and those who want to support entrepreneurs launch their business the chance to recieve amazing rewards for their support.

This is #CrowdfundingForGrownUps as most other mainstream financial companies are scared of the adult industry where I know how amazing you all are.

Jason Maskell says:

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What is your background? What were you doing before getting involved in the adult film industry?

Feb 14, 1:33AM EST0

Hi Mari,

Before I got in to the adult industry I had been in sales, first retail then direct to business selling office equipment. After a number of years of sales, it was time for a change and I trained to be a make-up artist.

It was make up as I mentioned in an earlier answer that got me in to the adult industry working on productions. From there my sales, business background took over and i moved in to the business side of the industry.

Feb 14, 4:07AM EST0

How did you get the inspiration to start adultXfunding?

Feb 13, 4:08PM EST0

It was a few years ago when I was acting as an adult industry consultant for a number of clients. One being a film studio, as I have mentioned in early answer, we approached a mainstream UK based crowdfunding platform that agreed to run the campaign, however it had to be behind their firewall and would not be promoted on the front end of their platform.

This was not a problem as the client had a database and marketing spend to promote it. Two days before launch the platform pulled the campaign as a journo had conracted them about this adult studio campaign.

After this, I saw the need for a crowdfunding platform that would support the global adult industry and help these companies that nobody else would.

After a number of years finding the right platform and building the team we have launched adultXfunding the #CrowdfundingForGrownUps platform where you can #InvestSafe .

Feb 14, 4:20AM EST0

How did you first become involved with the adult film industry?

Feb 13, 1:43PM EST0

It was by pure accident Gregory. I was in sales for years and got bored so went off and trained to be a make-up artist. Upon completeing my training I bumped in to a very old school friend who I had not seen in years, they happen to be a make-up artist as well, which I was not aware of. They had started working for a production company, they didn't know at the time they also covered porn shoots.

They had a large production starting and needed a second make-up artist, she asked me to help. 

I was working in the mainstream fashion industry at the time doing a few jobs and have to say working with the porn producers was better. The attitude on set was better, it was more fun and they didn't take themselves to serious, but got on with the job to the highest level.

The porn shoots also paid more, the rest they say is history.

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Feb 13, 2:09PM EST0

Throughout your 20 plus year career in the global adult industry, what were your favourite jobs to do?

Feb 13, 11:11AM EST0

I would have to say in all the areas of the business there have been great times.

When I was doing sales & marketing for a leading UK film studio, I got to travel the world a few times. That was fun and also stressful sometimes.

The people and friends I have made in all areas have been great. The building of AXF now and working with companies as they plan their future is really enjoyable.

I would not like to say one was better than another as they have all helped me one way or another and given me so much.

Just looking forward to what the next 20 years will bring.

Feb 13, 12:49PM EST0

Apart from working on your site, what are your hobbies? What do you do in your free time?

Feb 13, 10:32AM EST0

When I do get away from work there are a few things I like to do. You have the norm such as spending time with my partner, going for a few drinks, dinner and the cinema.

I really enjoy cooking and cook most nights for us, then there is football, and the only team you can support, of course that is Queens Park Rangers. I am not getting to as many games as I would like at the moment but hope to see that change for next season.

I need to upgrade my bike (cycle) and get a new road bike as I do enjoy going out in the morning for a ride, gives me a bit of exercise and time to listen to some podcasts.

Also, relaxing with a good film or box set and having a lazy afternoon on a weekend is heaven.

Feb 13, 12:43PM EST0

Do you feel that gender plays a role in your success in this industry? Are things easier for you because you are a guy?

Feb 13, 9:25AM EST0

I have to say, the adult industry must be one of the most inclusive industries to work in for both men and women.

There are many top female bosses out there and a mix in many postions within alot of companies.

I do not think being a man has made my job any easier.

Feb 13, 12:34PM EST0

Would you consider starting crowdfunding platforms for other industries?

Feb 12, 8:19PM EST0

If I was going to look at another industry to start a crowdfunding platform in Patrick, I think it would be one that I was truly interested in and reserched in depth to gauge the level of requirement and interest.

I had to do a lot of research and testing of the concept before I launched AXF in to the marketplace, the results we received were truly positive, however, it has still been a lot of hard work building this up and there is still a long way to go.

The only other way I would look at entering another industry sector with a new crowdfunding platform was if the capital was in place to undertake the testing and launch, so I was not paying out my own pocket again.

What industry was you thinking could benefit from crowdfunding?

Feb 13, 4:59AM EST0

Do you have any funny/memorable stories or anecdotes to share about your experiences in this industry?

Feb 12, 7:05PM EST0

I would not know where to start Don, there have been may funny things I have seen during my time in the industry. 

You have the likes of when I first started in the industry and was on set as a make up artist and had to be on all fours with a female perfomers on my back with her legs in the air holding on to two poles, lucky I was out of shot so it looked like she was holding herself up while, you can guess what was happening.

I have also had to hold sofa's and tables while the action was happening to stop them moving across the room and it was always funny holding the pussy light while they got a close up of the money shot, twisting your body so you were out of shot and making sure you didn't get hit as well.

Trade and public event can be fun when the performers are there, many are friends so I have always found it funny when I walk up to one of the top performers on a stand and get a hug and start chatting, all these people standing around asking, who is this guy, how can some short, fat bald guy get a hug and a kiss from her.

Feb 13, 5:53AM EST0

Are there other crowdfunding platforms for the adult entertainment industry?

Feb 12, 6:30PM EST0

There have been a few that have launched offering rewards based campaigns but these have been aimed at the performer side, giving them the opportunity to raise small amaounts for a new boob job or laptop. These have dropped away now or still talking about launching.

Others have used the term "crowdfunding" for web cam or model fan sites to pay to see the content.

adultXfunding is the only true crowdfunding platform as we are here to support the adult businesses, which could be a performer or studio looking to raise investment to shoot their own content to sex toy designers to sexual health products. We will be adding a new VR campaign shortly and when we switch on the equity crowdfunding campaigns we will be a true World's First.

Feb 13, 5:09AM EST0

How do you market your crowdfunding platform?

Feb 12, 12:14AM EST0

Thanks for asking Megan. We have a number of outlets we use to promote the platform, this include Twitter, Facebook and Instagram on social media, we send out regular email newsletters about our campaigns and also distribute them via the JournoLink newswire service.

On our blog we have a number of posts and you can also see what press has pick up our stories here.

This month we are starting a new banner traffic promotion via Juicy Ads and also post on a number of adult industry B2B forums.

Myself and the PR and Marketing company Media Bitch that we work with are currently looking at what shows and other events we will be attending later this years and also looking for new writers to work with for attentional blog and feature stories.

Busy times ahead.

Feb 12, 6:42AM EST0

Why have you chosen the adult industry specifically as your crowdfunding setting? Why not other industries?

Feb 11, 6:09PM EST0

With being in the adult industry for over 20 years I have worked in a number of sectors and I have seen the potenshial this industry has along with the problems it faces.

As I mentioned in the reply earlier to KKKATERYNAK I had looked to use a mainstream crowdfunding platform in the past for a film studio client, and after being approved, the campaign was cancelled by the platform two days prior to launch.

From this I saw the need for a crowdfunding platform that would stand up and show the adult industry in the professional light I know it is and allow companies to launch and grow and bring new products and aervices to the many people that enjoy them already.

AXF offers #CrowdfundingForGrownUps  

Feb 12, 3:55AM EST0

How do you manage your time, what is a typical day in the life of Jason Maskell like?

Feb 11, 4:57PM EST0

Hi Jana,

I would like to think I day would be quiet typical of most business owners. 

The day normally starts with me being woken by the cat before any alarms go off for his breakfast, I draw the line at getting up at 5am for him.

When I am up and fed him, I make a cup of tea and put the news on to catch up on what the world is throwing at us all at the moment. At the same time I will be checking social media online to see if any messages or interesting posts have happened.

Having an office at home means I normally fire up my laptop early and can sometimes, if I do not fancy breakfast yet, find myself clearing down emails, making my to do list for the day. Then it's off to get showered and start the day properly, have been known to get into something and then see its 11am and I am still here in my morning casuals.

Before I start I like to sit for a few minutes and go through my long-term plan and desires, visualise what I am going to achieve, picture where I am heading, keep it clear in my mind so I know I can control my day.

Then it starts, I like to read through a few blog post that come in to my inbox, one of my favourite and the one I feel I get the most from is Sean D'Souza then it is on to repling to emails and working through my to do list.

Lunchtime I like to get out for about 20 mins to get away from the screen, I will walk to the shops to pick up some bits for lunch and dinner if needed.

The afternoons will be spent in meeting, and keeping my eye on projects and social media.

Come the evening, I will leave the laptop on so anything that comes in from the US I can deal with quickly, cook dinner for me and my partner and then try to get some time with her to relax before the day starts all over again.

As you can see, normal and boring really, sometimes there are a few drinks at a late afternoon meeting or a night out with my partner to change things around.

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Feb 12, 6:14AM EST0

On your website, it states that there are no joining fees for both entrepreneurs and investors. How do you make profit to run the website, pay staff and cover other expenses?

Feb 11, 4:34PM EST0

Thanks for taking the time to look over the site Marie and you are correct we do not charge entrepreneurs or investors a fee for joining. 

We do however charge entrepreneurs a listing fee if their campaign is approved and then a percentage of the funds raised once they have hit target.

The listing fee is £249+ VAT and then 15% of the funds raised.

We are currently holding the second equity investment round in the platform so we can raise additional working capital to switch on the equity crowdfuning option, increase marketing and add additional staff and sevices required. Investors can join this equity investment round from just £1000 per share unit and we are looking at offering a 7 times return on investment, 10 times with EIS. 

If yourself or anyone is interested in joining us as an investor in the platform they can contact me on jm@incrowdcap.com 

Feb 12, 3:47AM EST0

What is the strangest marketting technique you have seen your entrepreneurs use?

Feb 11, 12:32PM EST0

Are you talking about in the adult sector or in general Edith?

In the adult sector, there are so many restrictions on what you can do companies have to come up with some different ideas. At trade shows there are always a range of giveaways, some more interesting that others.

One event I was involved in was the Terra Patrick signing in the Harmony adult Store on Oxford Street in Central London. We spent days building up the hype of her coming to the store so fans could meet her, handing out flyers in bars in Soho. On the dau of the event the crowd filled the lower floor of the store, came up the staries and queued along Oxford Street. We had Terra Patrick arrive in a limo full of ballons. As the limo pulled up outside the store (only buses and taxis allowed on this section of Oxford St) she halted traffic and the crowd loved it. I wish I still had the pictures of Terra with a London Bus stuck behind her limo with her standing there and ballons floating away. 

Feb 11, 1:28PM EST0

Has the global adult industry changed much over the past 20 years?

Feb 11, 10:38AM EST0

It has Robert, in so many ways. The internet has been a major driver in the changes seen to the industry.

When I first started in the industry and was building my glamour model agency, we would take bookings for female models for topless and UK and US style magazine photoshoots, there was a larger choice of work for models to choose from.

As the internet came in, magazine sales decreased and the type of shoots on offer changed to the stronger US style. In the UK, producers would also shoot video productions hard and soft. The soft cut for the UK TV market and the hard for the rest of the world. Sales of these films was higher as well.

There are now much more content produced, which has reduced the returns, however, the larger brands have adapted and changed the way they produce and sell their content.

On the good side, the internet has opened up so many new opportunities for companies to come in to the industry and develop new services that were not around 20 years ago.

To highlight some of the other changes that have happened, we recently interviewed Colin Rowntree, SEO of Wasteland and he talks about the changes he has seen and dealt with during his 23 years in the industry. 

4 minutes with Colin Rowntree

Feb 11, 11:44AM EST0

In your opinion, why do you think other mainstream financial companies are scared of the adult industry?

Feb 11, 10:01AM EST0

That is a great question Leslie. The adult industry plays on its naughty reputation, they say sex sells, and the industry makes sure that is true.

The problem is that the mainstream financial companies I feel, are scared to look deeper as they do not understand the sector, they like to use the term reputational risk, but when it comes to profits, that goes out the window for many banks and other financial companies so why not adult.

With the adult industry mostly held by private companies, there is not lots of financial data available, you see figures saying it's worth $97 billion and growing, now you would think they would like part of that business. Maybe banks getting caught laundering money is ok to them where a legal business which happens to be sexy is not, even though many of the bank management and staff will be using the industry in one way or another.

If your bank offered its services to an adult company, would it stop you banking with them?

The funny thing is, I have sat down with mainstream financial companies, they love the industry but are worried what their other clients will think, my guess, the other clients like it as well.

It is time for everyone to grow up about sex, and with adultXfunding.com we are promoting #CrowdfundingForGrownUps

We also have a couple of blogs you may enjoy, where Luwi asks why don't VC's back female sextech entrepreneurs. Then Vice report The Sex Tech Industry Says Facebook and PayPal Are Censoring Its Work.

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Feb 11, 10:52AM EST0

Do you face social stigma when you tell people what you do?

Feb 11, 7:26AM EST0

Annabelle, thanks for asking. You would think so but most times most people want to know if their thoughts of what the adult industry is like is the truth. They are not...

I have never hidden away, I have always been honest about what I do and I think people respect that, even if it is not something they openly like to say they agree with.

At the end of the day, there are very few people who have not have some connection with the adult industry, they have brought a sex toy,  watched a movie or made other purchases that are adult industry related. I do not push my job in to there face, like here, if it is something somebody doesn't want to read about, they don't have to click on my question.

As mentioned in other questions here, I have had many say to me, "that's a great idea - love what you are doing - think that sex toy is great - the money your industry makes" but they cannot do business with me. I feel some people just need to grow up a bit, sex will not kill you. What do you think?

Feb 11, 8:32AM EST0

What do you enjoy the most about your job?

Feb 10, 6:10PM EST0

One of if the the best thing about my job and industry is the people. The people who work in the adult industry are amazing. You can go to a trade event and you will have CEO's of the largest global brands talking with a start-up, performers mixing with the back office staff, they all know that they all require each other to make the industry work, it's great to be part of.

I also get a real buzz when I am working on a campaign with a client and hear their passion for their business and the plans they have.

I love start ups, the passion, drive, it's infectious.

Feb 11, 6:22AM EST0

What is the most stressful aspect of your job? How do you cope with it?

Feb 10, 4:55PM EST0

What a great question and not one I was expecting.

Stress can come at you from many side and I think all business owners will agree there are different levels.

The stress of getting a campaign live, promoting the business are the types of enjoyable stress that helps push me forward and make me think harder for ways to make things happen.

The stress of raising the additional investment in our second equity round we are running at the moment is one that wakes me up extra early with my mind racing. Meetings planned with investor, which way will it go, when there are delays outside my control, this stress is one that is not so enjoyable.

To help deal with the stress I try to switch off, but still find myself working seven days a week. I do push myself to have a lunch break and I now know, if you are waiting for an answer and you have set deadlines, you have to wait. I have stopped giving myself a hard time and will take myself for a long walk, put on a podcast and take myself away for a bit. 

This normally helps, the situation will still be there when I get back, however, I have a clearer mind and can look at it with fresh eyes.

If anyone has any tips to help reduce stress I would love to hear them.

Feb 11, 5:37AM EST0

What kind of investors do you attract?

Feb 10, 2:12PM EST0

We hope we can attract you Alfred, is it of interest?

We have a range of investors. Those that currently purchase items or services within the adult sector from the likes of online adult retailers or adult stores, those that have membership sites to porn sites or like to interact with web cam performers, to those that self certificate that they are a person of high net worth or a sophisticated investor.

We have had investors who didn't want the reward on offer for their support but was more interested in a larger investment for equity, this is why we are excited about switching on the equity crowdfunding area so we can suppport both sides.

At the end of the day, if you enjoy adult products and services, you need to be looking on adultXfunding.com to see what amazing campaigns are running as with your pledge, you will be rewarded with a great offer that is not available anywhere else.

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Feb 11, 5:27AM EST0